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Considering drapes, only a window dressing might be your biggest mistake as a person with aesthetics.  With one good drape hanging in your room, the entire paradigm will be changed, and you will see a drastic shift on how your room looks. In other words, your home will embrace the drapes as nothing else does.

However, choosing the drapes that offer warmth, privacy, and aesthetics at the same can be tedious. But this problem can be solved by choosing the window curtains online because customer care services help in making the right choice. In this article, we are shaping up the essential knacks of a good customer service that we have optimized at our business and . Have a look!

Fabric Selection

The prime reason for customer service is showing care to the customer but we have differentiated by caring about the right fabric to be used in the drape. Many people consider it as the care of custom made curtain, but in reality, it’s the care that’s incorporated to offer customer satisfaction.

The companies that are offering the high-end drapes online, they usually have a high-end customer service to ensure people are gaining accurate information about the fabric. To ensure customer satisfaction, we are also offering answers to customer queries regarding the types of fabric options available and what fabric selection will suit the environment they are located at.

Effective Customer Service

For any effective customer care service, passion is the foundation because it differentiates the companies that offer help to their customers to gain success while others don’t. With the incorporation of passion, we are able to make extra efforts to ensure the delivery of window curtains online and optimize the different window treatments.


Drape Swatches & Design

If there is no effective and practical communication for the customized curtains, let us pop your bubble and tell you that there is no hope of having the right drape delivered to your doorstep if you haven’t checked the swatches. Our customer service informs about the drape swatches that match with the aesthetics and taste of your home.

For custom curtains, drape swatches are also available so that customers have a clear idea what are they getting stitched. In addition, we will also help choose the right drape design in accordance with client’s home décor and personal preferences. This communication from the agent’s end is polished by training them to handle queries with openness and flexibility to help the clients with their dream curtains!


If your drapes are an integration of weak threads and sheer privacy given the light material, the already unsatisfied customer isn’t going to be happy with you and the customer care service.  Everyone is busy, and if they have called you for drapes or curtains, you need to present and to will to help them. This is why we help our clients with drape fabrication.

Be it the light fabrication or delicate fabrics, we will ensure all your doubts are cleared in an effective and satisfied way!

What To Help With?

The custom-made curtain and blinds businesses are on the spike, but people often need help in choosing the right ones. In this section, we have shared different aspects that people often need help with. So, have a look, and yes, make sure the customer service is able to cover these essentials!

Fabric and Color

Fabric is the most integral part of curtains because fabric material will tell reflect upon the functioning and holding-up time. For instance, the heavy drapes might not fold crisply, and the too light curtains will not create the perfect fall. As far as the colors are concerned, say no to bright colors because their hues will fade away faster than you think.

Lining and Length

Drapes that hang higher will add height to the room, and it’s better to hang the curtains six inches above the window frame, but if you want to regal look to your lounge, go a bit higher. Also, while deciding the measurement, add some extra inches because these perimeters will block out the harsh and scorching sunlight.

Ready-made or Customized Designs

This is all about personal preference, but we are always in favor of customized designs. The customized curtains can be made according to the window size that sits perfectly with the window. Be it the header style or material; you can custom anything. However, customizing the curtains can be expensive, so it’s better to check with your budget first. If you discuss with customer services, they might be able to help as well (see if they can get you a discount voucher!)



Installation & Customized Budgets

Once we ensure that client’s queries have been answered and they are ready to get the drapes hanged in their room, we offer the installation as well. The person coming to your home will make sure that drapes fall perfectly and have the hems where you wanted them. Last but not least, we will design everything according to your budget by implying our custom hardware!

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