About Us

For more than a decade, Glamoureax has been into home textiles, bringing luxury, beauty and style around the world. Glamoureax drapes team works concurrently, handling every detail of home design and providing a reliable and luxurious design experience by offering avalanche quality textiles for the entire home. 

This dedication is made possible through contributions of an intimate team of diversely talented drapery design professionals 

Providing exceptional custom service with high quality fabric collections is our top priority. 

Our design services leaves our client satisfied and hiring us again for future projects while sharing our names with friends and families. 

Your Home- that magical destination we all want after a long day at work, where we instantly get a sense of belonging needs some signature details in it. We try to understand our client needs and personal style and incorporate them into our design. Thereby giving them a home-feeling in their personal ambience through the use of quality textiles, elegant and timeless window coverings 

The result is a customized glamorous, luxurious, avant-garde bold-looking home. 

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