Drapery Design Tips

Considering an entire room when designing custom window treatments can unify the theme of a room perfectly. Extending custom treatments throughout your home helps tie together design elements and tells your own, unique story. It is easy to get a “designer look” in your own home with a few quick tips from our Regal Drapes design team.

  • Consider style. Is it casual or formal? Are you drawn towards clean, contemporary lines, or are you looking for a more ornate, lush effect?
  • Examine function. Do you need to control light? Does the heat from the sun overwhelm the room, or is it cold and drafty?
  • Get inspired. Comb through magazines, online design galleries, or even television and the movies. Learn what looks are trending or discover what catches your eye.
  • Look to nature. Color, texture, design. Bring the outdoors in and frame your landscape as you would a piece of fine artwork.
  • Choose your fabric. Start with five to ten samples of fabrics you really love. Order samples to see how they work in your space and light.
  • Create. Try a monochromatic backdrop with pops of color as accents or bold statement fabrics as contrast.
  • Balance and Harmonize. Distribute a dominant color or pattern around the room and accent with coordinating colors and patterns.
  • Mix and match. Don’t be afraid to combine colors, textures and patterns. Play with scale and experiment with blending.
  • Almost done! Look at your space with a critical eye. Do you need to consider a light switch or thermostat? Is the window frame deep enough for an inside mounted shade? Don’t forget the details.
  • Have fun! And make your space your own.

Why Buy Custom Drapes?
Custom Drapes emphasize the style of a room. Even though a room may be furnished with many high-end furnishings and architectural details, without custom drapes, a room may feel cold and unfinished. Custom draperies, valences, and Roman shades bring color and drama to a well-furnished room.

The unique texture and color of these two-story drapes create drama and softly frames the cityscape beyond.

When you opt for custom, anything is possible. The wide selection of fabrics makes the choice of colors and patterns nearly limitless.

Super formal or super fun. Project your style by choosing a print that tells a story, add custom borders to drapes, or layer window treatments with panels, shades and valances. Finish the look with gorgeous hardware.

Functional drapes can add to the energy efficiency of your home. Thermal lining can block drafts and protect against damaging sun.

Custom window treatments can be functional or decorative, fabricated to your exact measurements and created to operate flawlessly. Choose a design that softly filters light or opt for complete block out. Alter, compliment or obscure a view in the room or outside. With custom drapes, shades and valances, you will be sure to achieve your design objectives.

Fine fabrics and expert craftsmanship combine to bring you the highest quality window treatments that cannot compare to off-the-shelf options. Custom treatments are hand finished and designed to last. Consider them an investment in beauty and function.

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