Measuring and Installation Information

Most of our customers find it easy to do the installation themselves. We have done everything possible to simplify the process for you. All of our hardware items have predrilled holes and include all the hardware you need for installation as well as supplying written instructions and phone support during installation. If you can use a cordless drill, this installation is as easy as hanging a picture. We even install the drapery hooks into your drapes. So once the rod is up, the job is 4/5 done! This option is the least costly way to get your drapery project done.

If you are still hesitant to take on the installation yourself, the best candidate for doing your installation would be any handyman or building superintendant, who has helped you around the house with small fixes in the past. He can handle the job and his rates will most likely be the best available since he knows your home and has worked with you already.

If you don’t work with a handyman and still need an installer referred to you, please let us know and we will search our database for an installer who will be able to help you.