How to Pick the Right Drapery Style – Guide 2020

Are you planning to change the entire look of your home? Thinking about what changes should be made? If yes then let me make one thing clear to you that you can give an elegant and sophisticated look to your entire home by picking up the right drapery style that goes perfectly with all the rooms; bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. Before we begin, let us give you some tips that you should keep in mind that will help you on how to pick the right drapery style in 2020.

  • First of all, opt for the right selection of color for each specific room in your home. If you want one for a living room or kid’s bedroom then you should go for lighter colors and prints but if you have a large room like a master bedroom or dining or drawing room then go for dark-colored draperies that can give a dramatic look to the entire place.
  • For larger spaces like a living room or guest room, make sure that you opt for blackout drapes as they come with a heavy lining as it will add the layer to the window.
  • For small rooms and spaces with low ceilings, you should opt for vertical pattern draperies as they add height to your room. For bigger spaces, go for horizontal patterns of draperies as they can shrink out the height of your room.

Picking up the right drapery style can be a very challenging task so here at Glamoureax, we can help you find the complete guide for choosing different types of drapery styles.

3″ Flange Rod Pocket:

Rod Pocket Drapery Style

Three inches flange rod pocket drapery style also sometimes known as pole pocket is one of the traditional and classical choices that add uniqueness and character to your room. This type of drapery style is created by the fabric that is gathered near the rod pleat and a pocket is formed at the top of the drapery panel and this rod is inserted through the pocket. This rod pocket drapery is not considered to be the best choice for daily use as this works best as stationary panels.

Rod Pocket:

Rod pocket draperies, also known as pole top is one of the ways to hang drapery. It does not require any other hardware to hand curtain like rings of clips. When drapery is closed, a small portion of rods shown at each end of windows. You can customize it by using hooks or rings which make it easy for you to slide. It is best for layered windows. See how it looks:

Rod pocket

Grommets Top:

One of the most contemporary drapery styles, Grommet Pleat features a soft folding panel, grommet color and finish. As the name describes, this is hung from a rod with the help of grommet rings. This type of drapery style gives a dramatic and decorative curtain style appearance but this is not considered to be an ideal choice for frequent use. While buying this drapery, make sure that you go for the fabric that measures one inch above the actual length of the rod.

Inverted Pleat:

Inverted Pleat Drapery is a unique and neatly-pleated style that will give a casual as well as a relaxed vibe to your room. This is not an ideal choice if you want to buy for frequent use because it can neither be frequently opened or closed that makes it the best choice for decoration purposes.

Goblet Pleat:

As the name suggests, this drapery style comes with large goblet pleats along with the top of the panels. This gives a robust body to the drapery panels and features a very sophisticated shape, as it is more full and round as compared to any other pleat. This has a large stack which means it needs more fabric to cover your windows.

Pinch Pleat:

The most popular and traditional drapery style, Pinch Pleat, can create a simple as well as stunning shape. For this style, the pleats are pinched 4 inches from the top of the drapes and this style is easy to function as it is held stiff with the help of buckram. If you want to give a contemporary look to it then you should opt for a bold pattern choice while choosing this drapery style.

Ripple Fold:

One of the best selling styles, Ripple Fold is an ultra-contemporary, sleek and modern drapery style. This is considered to be the best choice as it is very easy to operate and function that can be easily opened or closed every day. This type of drapery style comes with a layering trend that adds depth and dimension to your space and gives an improved visual appearance to your room.

Flat Panel:

Flat drapery style considered as the simplest one because these draperies hang with the help of rings and a traverse rod, these draperies do not have pleats or rod pocket. It is mostly suitable for windows. However, to make it attractive, you can use customized fancy rings.


A well-chosen custom drapery style can accentuate the complete look of your room whether it is a living room, bedroom, or any other place. So before you go for buying this, you should make sure that you keep your considerations into the mind and choose wisely. First of all, you should go for a customized drapery style that is easy to operate and depending on the place whether it can be used frequently or not. Secondly, make sure that you choose the one that gives a beautiful and modern look to your entire room. Thirdly, measure your rod length before you go for buying the drapery as the length of drapery must be more than the length of the rod. Lastly, don’t only consider one best feature of the drapery design, instead, go and get the one that is considered to be the best choice in every aspect.

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