Matching Your Window Treatments with Your Home Decor

Are you planning to decorate your entire home? Window treatments play a surprisingly important role when it comes to interior home decor. How do you find the idea of matching your window treatments with your home décor? Oh yes, it’s a superb idea that will inspire a better view of your home.

Before we begin with the topic, I would like to elaborate on the three types of window treatments. Hard window treatments, as the name suggests, are prepared by using hard materials like wood or vinyl. They come in the form of window shades, blinds, and shutters. Soft window treatments that are made of soft materials like curtains, sheers, drapes, valances, swags, as well as roman shades. These window treatments range from flat to hobbled style. Layered Window treatments are the combination of both; Hard and Soft window treatment.

Now you will have to go for some best tips on how to match your window treatments like curtains, draperies, and blinds with your home décor.

  • Too many colors create a chaotic look to the entrance room so choose a curtain or drapery color shade that matches your room’s wall. If done correctly, it will end up giving a perfect as well as an elegant look. So if you want to give a relaxing as well as unwinding look to your room, you should go for some darker and submissive color selection. You can also match a throw rug or some art pieces with your window curtains that will make the room speak for itself.
  • The material used for window treatments like curtains and blinds is a major factor when it comes to creating the mood. If you are planning to buy curtains for your bedroom or living room then you should opt for a light fabric but large rooms like a drawing room or dining room, you can go for a heavy curtain or drapery. Whether you choose a light curtain fabric or a heavy one, it also depends on the season whether it is summer or winter.

Here we are with few ideas that will help you match your window treatments with your home decor.

  • The living room window treatment can play multiple roles like putting emphasis on the height of the room, framing the tall windows, as well as drawing attention to the ceiling of the room. So, you can have a generous amount of vintage fabrics and patterns in the form of curtains and shades over there. The curtains and the shades come in complementary colors and patterns and can add a lively twist to the living room without overpowering the already pattern-filled room. The shades are heavy and designed to block sunlight whereas the curtains remain sheer and airy while complementing the furniture in such a way that it features a color that completely matches the armchairs or sofa.

  • For a family room i.e. a TV lounge or a dining table, you can go for a monochromatic blue theme. The window treatment in this monochromatic blue room perfectly matches the decor i.e. armchairs, sofas, as well as the paintings in the room. Linen fabric can be used for both the curtains and the armchair to give a complementary look to the entire place.

  • Good window treatments should stay neutral and unify all decor elements in a home. Depending on home styles and current decor in your home, you need to decide whether your window treatments should play a key role or be a back-player. Tip: If you have a heavy decor already, go for neutral window treatments and highlight your key color on your windows.

The white chandelier is in style too, all of these will give a solacing and peaceful effect to the entire room.

The view in the bathroom is usually of primary importance so you should go for a good selection. To give a complementary look to the colors of the bathroom, go for prints in curtains that match with your wall color and are made from cotton fabric that can be washed easily.

Window Treatment can be very important and functional depending on the space that you have and the amount of natural light that you are going to receive in the desired room. Keep this thing in mind that a properly done window treatment can make your room artistic but if you fail to do it properly then you can spoil the overall look of the space. So, make sure that when you are installing window treatments, they all should match as this will give a complete finishing to your entire place.

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